Based at Whiteriver Park Kart Racing Circuit in Collon, Co. Louth, just over 25 minutes from Dublin, aims to provide students with a life skill that will allow them to drive safely for life rather than just learning enough to pass their driving test.

Our 1st Drive Transition Year driving course is specifically aimed at students who are under the qualifying age to hold a learners permit but who want to learn to drive and eventually sit their driving test.

Taking a driver training course can be exciting and challenging, but for new drivers, it can often be a daunting experience.

With this in mind, we created the 1st Drive programme for Transition Year students to assist in developing their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment before taking to the open roads.

Our interactive classroom sessions challenge students to deal with real-world driving situations.

The purpose built 2.4km road network allows our experienced driving instructors to guide students through the skills required to deal with the dangers of today’s busy roads.

Students will also learn some practical skills, like how to change a wheel, check oil and water, etc.

We also show the benefits of ABS braking and how even a small increase in speed can be dangerous.

The programme offers an effective and realistic approach to driver education and training.

We can cater for groups from 18 to 63 students.

The programs typically lasts for five hours with a lunch break, however we can modify the program to fit in with your transport arrangements.

The day will include:

  • Welcome and video presentation on car controls and how to use the track.

  • Video presentations and discussions on all aspects of road safety.

  • Drive of a dual controlled car on a private enclosed road accompanied by a trained instructor.

  • Demonstrations and practical tips on changing a wheel, checking oil, water, etc.

  • Brake reaction test using state of the art equipment.

  • Presentation of certificates and awarding of prizes.

  • Braking and ABS demonstration.

Insurance cover has already been arranged with no liability to your school.

We will also provide an online photo diary of your day.